Kate And William’s First-Born Daughter Could Be Queen [PHOTOS]

When TRH, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge married on April 29th, commentators discussed the monarchy’s current laws, those being that should Kate give birth to a girl and then a boy, the boy (and any sons born after) will ascend the throne before the girl.  Princess Ann was third in line until her younger brothers, Andrew and Edward were born.  She has since fallen further back in line after her nieces and nephews.

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The 1701 Act Of Settlement, which also forbids a royal from marrying a Catholic, is “out of date and discriminatory” says the Prime Minister (via Daily Mail).  The proposed bill would apply to descendants of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and if passed, would not apply to Queen Elizabeth’s four children.  Cameron also wants to do away with the law that royals must get the monarch’s permission to marry. Instead, it would only apply to the first six in line.  The Settlement act was drafted to ensure that all heirs were Protestant.

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The proposal will be brought to a Commonwealth summit in Australia at the end of the month, but all 16 realms must approve it in order to be passed.