Kate And Pippa Middleton’s Saucy Cousin Katrina Darling Takes Her Clothes Off [PHOTOS]

Pippa Middleton In McQueen
Millions watched the famous rear on April 29th.
Burlesque dancer Katrina Darling only discovered she was Pippa and Kate Middleton’s second cousin once removed via the press last year, just before the royal wedding.  Last night, Darling performed her “God Save The Queen” act at W.I.P in Soho and ended her performance wearing nothing more than pasties, a clip-on thong and a crown, according to The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes.

Darling claims to not care very much that she’s related to the future queen, recently telling the New York Post that she welcomes the royal family to come see one of her performances. “I’d be happy for them to, but if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world,” Darling, who works at Barclay’s Wealth Management in London, said.

“Honestly… she found out about Kate Middleton from the press,” promoter Lyle Derek told Metro World News.  “She does not care; she just does her burlesque thing. She’s having fun, and the (relationship) is kind of a cute little after thought to her.”

Ok, then!