Kat Von D’s Show “LA Ink” Premieres

If you live here in Los Angeles, then there’s no way to miss the posters promoting the premiere of TLC’s new series, “L.A. Ink” on which the dark-haired, ruby-lipped Kat Von D is featured, in all of her heavily tattooed, 50’s pin-up glory. And if you don’t live here, then surely you’ve stumbled upon Internet ads for the show, with her coquettishly taunting you to watch the show, as she tattoos her customers in her new Los Angeles tattoo shop. Kat, whose name is short for Katherine Von Drachenberg, says that the fame that she’s experienced as a featured tattoo artist on the TLC reality series, “Miami Ink,” has been both good and bad for her career.

“I feel like I have a lot more responsibility as far as showing tattooing in a good light,” Von D told the Daily News. “The tattooing industry, they love me or hate me. It’s different when you’re on TV, everything you’re doing is overanalyzed by your peers.”

Big ups to any woman who can manage to look that glamorous and rock and roll on a daily basis. I remember one episode where girlfriend even went and got a gold grill for a hot second. I feel fancy if I can occasionally remember to throw on a Crest whitening strip here and there.


More photos from the premiere of “LA Ink” after the jump.


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