Kat Von D Returns to “L.A. Ink” Season Two

Kat tells us again that “It’s so good to be back in L.A.” and I happily watched her return to the second season of “L.A. Ink,” mostly because the cliche tattoo stories tickle me so. There are the women who want to “show their feminine side,” men who want to “honor those they’ve loved,” and I’ve seen this show and “Miami Ink” so much that I can confidently spot a dead baby tattoo as soon as they walk in the door. Apparently, all those stupid Tweety Bird tattoos are drawing themselves onto drunk idiots. But I digress…

She and boyfriend Orbi, whom I recognize from his band’s reality show, “The Rock Life” had returned after her stint of going on tour with him and his band Whitestarr and the two of them seem happy enough. Meanwhile, I do enjoy her campy, over-the-top style, but I can’t help but have my inner mom ask why she can’t wear a little less make-up and pull back her hair so we can see that pretty face of hers.

More photos of Kat Von D outside the David Letterman studio after the jump.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online