Kat Dennings Dines With Hanson

If you watch 2 Broke Girls on CBS, then you’re familiar with Kat Dennings’ waitress uniform.  It’s a hideous color, but it does allow Dennings to show off her curves.  “Eww! Why are they looking? That’s sick,” Dennings said to Access Hollywood when it was pointed out online that her costume was designed to highlight her assets.

“Everybody must dress to highlight their shape,” Dennings, who left Jerry’s Deli in Studio City with her wonderful friends, the all grown up kids from Hanson, yesterday (December 18th) continued. “In my case, I have a figure that needs a waist. When you have an hourglass shape, you must highlight your waist, ladies.

“When you do that, it highlights everything else. I can’t help it. I used to dress, and I still kind of do dress like a big schlep sack, because I don’t like people looking at my ta-tas, but on the show, I try to look flattering.”

Are you watching 2 Broke Girls?

P.S. Thanks to all of you readers for letting us know that we have no idea what the guys from Hanson look like.