Karrueche Tran Comes Up On Break-Up With Chris Brown [PHOTOS]

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Thank goodness the split between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran didn’t end up like the nightmare break-up between him and Rihanna. Tran actually got it way better than the Barbadian artist and actress did. The only harm Tran will be experiencing are paper cuts from all the dough Brown will be coughing over (and maybe a little heartache).

Wait, what dough?

According to The Sun, Brown wants to make sure that Tran is still living well even after their break-up, so he’s giving her enough money to buy herself a house. Aww that’s sweet. I’d date him for a house, too.

I guess Brown really has something that’s got these two ladies liking him (besides the fame and fortune).

The recent couple allegedly broke up because of Brown’s friendship with Rihanna, which seems a little bit more than a friendship, if you ask me. Brown pretty much admitted he’s still in love with Rihanna! If his crazy history with her wasn’t enough to stop Tran from being in a relationship with him, then this ought to do the trick.

Apparently, there seems to be no hard feelings. The two ladies had an intimate talk about the ins and outs of everything. Way to be adults, guys!

Karrueche seems like a good catch, and with a cool name like hers, I’m sure she won’t have any trouble catching another fish in the sea. Which beaut would you choose? Let us know in the comments section, and launch the gallery for pics of Tran all up in Chris’ hood!