Karl Lagerfeld Is Weird, Wears Fingerless Gloves, And Is Pissed At Courtney Love


You know the kind of old guy with the ponytail and sunglasses who is always dressed like a kind of Victorian gentleman bondage matador in the pages of Vogue? He often gets photographed next to the celebrities? Well for you fellow Old Navy shoppers, that’s Karl Lagerfeld. He’s a designer. And he’s bullshit at Courtney for wearing a knockoff of one of his dresses to Paris Hilton’s birthday party last weekend . I can’t think of a better event to wear a cheap, threadbare, bargain basement copy of something to, but that’s just me.

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld wants to know who stole one of his couture designs, a black dress with a white bib-front that he sent down the runway last month. Courtney Love wore an exact knockoff of the frock, right down to her fluffy fingerless gloves, to Paris Hilton’s birthday party in L.A. Saturday night, Women’s Wear Daily reported. But Love can’t identify the copycat culprit. “It was one of many dresses sent to her by stylists and publicists to wear. It did not have a label in it,” her rep, Alan Nierob, told Page Six. “We haven’t figured out yet which stylist and/or publicist sent that particular dress.”

I can recall this dress. She was wearing it in a photo featuring her, Paris, Nicole Richie and one of the goofs from Good Charlotte. It was like a class photo from the group home. I love me some Courtney but she needs to improve her social circle. Why can’t she go back to hanging out with Drew Barrymore and throwing compacts at Madonna? I know she was stoned out of her mind, but at least she had cooler friends.