Karl Lagerfeld Is Ridiculous, Yet Fascinating

Eccentric fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld is the subject of a new documentary by filmmaker Rodolphe Marconi. Lagerfeld Confidential takes us behind the scenes into Karl’s wacky, fashion czar(ina) life. Lagerfeld’s main contribution to the fashion world was resurrecting the House of Chanel empire after it went toe -up. The film is Lagerfeld Gone Wild, with delights such as Lagerfeld discussing how gay people suck nowadays because they no longer outrage “bourgeois social norms” and why prostitution should be legal. He’s full of opinions.

“I’m rather pro-prostitution. It avoids frustration, and I admire people who do it. We can’t all afford a mistress or an expensive friend. People need relief, or they become murderers. Is that a moral position?” he asks.

No, Karl, it’s merely fabulous and right on the money. I didn’t have to tell you that Karl likes boys, right? It’s kind of a given. When we type “fashion designer”, just assume they like boys. We’ll indicate if they don’t.

Karl never let Marconi see him without his hair powdered and pulled back in a ponytail and wearing one of his trademark ridiculous suits. I need to get drunk and see this mess. I PRAY that there’s footage of him spitting about how Courtney Love betrayed his ass.

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com

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Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com