Karl Urban & Michael Ealy Talk ‘Almost Human,’ Which Debuts To Solid Ratings

'Star Trek' In Berlin
The cast of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' At Berlin premiere.
In the year 2048, human and robot cops with chiseled features pair up to fight crime – at least, that’s what happens in the world of Almost Human, JJ Abrams’ latest sci-fi offering.

Starring Star Trek’s Karl Urban and Underworld: Awakening’s Michael Ealy, the series boasted strong ratings for its Sunday premiere, before airing the next episode at its regular Monday night slot.

The heavily promoted show features Urban as human cop John Kennex, who begrudgingly works with his mandated android partner Dorian, played by Ealy.

In an interview with IGN, the actors talked android love, onscreen chemistry and their favorite parts of filming.

When asked if his character can “grow to love his partner” or “love a woman,” Ealy answered, “We’re going to find out. Right now, the chemistry is so good that we’re starting to…I think we’re starting to grow on each other.”

Does this mean we’ll be seeing a beautiful human-android bromance blossom on screen? One can only hope: “I think that Dorian is a wonderful way for John to get in touch with his humanity,” stated Urban. “I think Dorian learns lessons from John as well. I think that’s what makes their partnership so successful.”

When asked what the most fun part of filming was, Ealy discussed the car scenes, in which the characters “talk about life and each other.” “It’s kind of like a barbershop for us, you know what I mean?” he explained. “I think we found a lot of connective tissue in those car scenes.”

But according to Urban, Almost Human will strike a balance between the fun and the serious:

At the end of the day, the show is about fun…We want to deliver an action-packed, fun, intriguing episode every week, where we’re dealing with cases that you’re not necessarily [going to] find on any other contemporary show…[W]e’re going to give the audience a really wonderful mixture, this combination of fun and action-packed cop show that’s a little bit different.

Launch the gallery to check out Urban and Ealy’s partnership in action as they film Almost Human. And let us know in the comments what you thought of last night’s episode!

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