Karl Lagerfeld And Rachel Bilson Debut Their Original Series At The Tribeca Film Festival

Rachel Bilson and Karl Lagerfeld hit the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival last night to debut their original series inspired by Magnum Ice Cream.  Lagerfeld called on Bilson to help bring the brand to America but directing her in three different shorts-as a ballerina, an art student and a model all looking to take a break and eat ice cream.  Bilson told Entertainment Weekly that she went througha bout 25 Magnum bars in one day.  The things we must do in the name of art.

Of the three characters Bilson had to play, her favorite was the ballerina.  Although it was a bit of a painful process.  She told EW, “it was fun to pretend like I was a professional, although I had to put on the pointe shoes on for two seconds. It kills! It’s unbearable. You really respect what they go through. You have to commend anyone who puts those pointe shoes on.”

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And Bilson had nothing but good things to say about Lagerfeld (naturally.  The man is a god): “He’s so nice and funny with a great personality. And he’s a really good director. He obviously has a clear vision, which is a no-brainer since he’s the best designer ever. I thought he was excellent.”

How great did Bilson look on the red carpet last night in New York City?  She’ll return to the small screen this Fall in the CW drama, Hart Of Dixie.