Karina Smirnoff Gets Down With Chippendales Dancers

Karina Smirnoff got another chance to show off her dance moves recently as she hosted the “Ultimate Girls Night Out!” Chippendales show at the Rio Hotel & Casino on December 10th in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Karina, who was booted off of last season’s Dancing With The Stars tried to prove herself while dancing with Chippendale dancers at the show.

Smirnoff recently got engaged to baseball pitcher, Brad Penny The Daily Fiasco reports the Ukraine-born dancer has a series of dance-based fitness videos coming out soon.  In the interview, they ask Smirnoff  if Penny is alright with her dancing with a bunch of shirtless men saying, “Before I left L.A., he goes  to me, ‘Just make sure you remember that it’s only look, but not touch.’   I said, ‘Don’t worry baby, I know.’ He’s supportive.”  I’m sure he is Karina, I’m sure he is.