Karen Blaming Talk Show Failure on Will & Grace

February 2nd, 2007 // 10 Comments

Megan Mullally is blaming the demise of her talk show on the fact that Debra Messing and Eric McCormack wouldn’t come on for a special Will & Grace reunion episode instead of blaming it on the fact that it was the suck and America isn’t interested in Karen not being Karen. Plus, didn’t all the graphics for the show feature flowers? God, that “feminine touch” thing is so blah. That’s why Tempest Bledsoe failed.

Sources tell TMZ that with her ratings already in the basement, Megan wanted to reunite the “W & G” cast on a special episode around her birthday, which fell during November sweeps. While Sean Hayes did appear in an episode that month, there was no getting Debra Messing or Eric McCormack aboard Meg’s sinking ship.

Honey, this makes me sad. Because while Will & Grace grew really annoying with all the stunt-casting, and all the Debra Messing; Karen was the best part of it. Bitch should have had her own show. But to succeed with a talk show these days – you need to either be a delightful carpet-muncher (Ellen), a racist (Rachael Ray), or think you’re a spiritual leader and construct schools in Africa and buy your audience cars (Oprah). It’s just how it is.

By J. Harvey

  1. RD

    Does this woman know that where I live–in the Raleigh/Durham area, North Carolina–her show was airing at 3 AM? People that don’t get up at 3 AM on a regular basis aren’t going to get up to watch her show. I knew when I heard her show was going to be on at 3 AM here that she was doomed from the get-go.

  2. fatsi

    her show was absolutely awful. even when she had guests on that i liked, i couldn’t watch it. she had zero preparation, and her ‘interviews’ consisted of really dull, off-screen antics with said guests. it actually got to the point where the show’s unfunny nature just became uncomfortable… like watching a child flounder through a piano recital. you know they’re trying, and deep down you don’t really care…. you just want it over so everyone can go on to something else.

  3. fatso

    not antics… i meant anecdotes

  4. tinkersplat

    i thought she was a delightful rug muncher? or just another rumour?

  5. kim

    Maybe she should stop blaming the only good thing that will ever happen to her and start blaming her failure on the fact that her show fucking sucked.

  6. lilimj

    Did it ever cross her mind that the show was just plain boring? Like her manish wardrobe. I love M.M.,but…….yawn
    I expected something more creative from such a great talent.

  7. brian

    Megan,honey,the show tanked because it was AWFUL.You just weren’t funny or interesting.I love ya but you just don’t cut it as far as hosting a talk show goes.The few times I tried to watch (and i really did try) it was just painful and the whole thing felt forced.Move on and just keep cashing your Will & Grace residual cheques.

  8. Shawn

    Good job in another bullsh*t article from NBC. Debra Messing was in Australia taping a mini-series in Novemeber, Sean Hayes was on the previous week and Eric McCormack, is just not around anyone. Amazing how quickly people jump to conclusions with bullsh*t articles. Going that broke NBC?

  9. bjk

    I admit i tried hard to watch her talk show. .but it was Boring. Sad thing is, Megan will always be typecasted thanks to Karen, I loved Will and Grace.. Karen was my favorite character..

  10. Yeah, BS Article! She never blamed anyone, let alone her friends.
    She is currently signed up to play Elizabeth on the Broadway show Young Frankenstein come this fall. Good Luck!

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