Kardashian Sisters And Other Celebs React To Prop 8 News

May 26th, 2009 // 7 Comments

The California Supreme Court ruled to uphold Proposition 8 yesterday, more commonly known as the ban on gay marriage, and many celebrities opposed to the outcome have spoken out in the name of same sex rights.

Reality TV stars, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, both took to their blogs to speak out about the ruling. Kim sums up her feelings by saying, “Shame on You California!” while Khloe tells her fans, “The people’s decision is unfair, plain
and simple — It’s unfortunate the majority of California voted this

Other celebrities to speak out on Twitter include:

Samantha Ronson: nice work california court, u must be beaming with pride. bet ya can’t wait to tell the grandkids one day all about how you saved marriage!

Demi Moore: I am deeply saddened by CA courts decision over Prop8

Adrianne Curry: treating gays like they arent human is wonderful! Might as well tell the gays2get to the back of the bus! Equal rights for SOME!

Margaret Cho: I blame miss california

Suze Orman:Sorry to hear Prop 8 stands. Shocking- Horrifying- Sad Bad

Fran Drescher: check out the Calif. Prop 8 transcripts. We are a progressive state no more :( Iowa is now way cooler. Bigotry sucks!

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, a vocal spokesperson against the proposition, told Access Hollywood in a statement, “One day when everyone is treated with full equality, we’ll look back and realize how wrong this was.”

We certainly hope so.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Paul Stanley

    If the people of CA don’t want it , than they don’t want it. It’s as simple as that! All these so called stars can say all they want. But guess what? The people don’t agree with you!

  2. Nicky

    I just don’t see how two people of the same sex getting married hurts anyone else. I know people want to uphold the institution of marriage but what about the people who committ adultry, or get divorced or the ones who live in “sin”? Maybe we shouldn’t let them get married either. It just seems silly to me that in this day and age people are still arguing about it.

  3. Zekers

    “It just seems silly to me that in this day and age people are still arguing about it.”

    Well said Nicky.

  4. Rays

    I don’t think people should have to accept anything and everything…

  5. me

    Who gets married has no affect on me or my marriage whatsoever (or anyone elses for that matter). People just like to tell other people what they can and can’t do and that’s just bullshit.

    And no, Rays, you don’t have to accept anything. Mind your own and it won’t bother you at all, unless of course you want it to. How is it harming you? It’s not.

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