Kardashian Nanny Says Family Always Kept Up ‘With The Joneses’

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Malibu Nanny: The True Adventures of The Former Kardashian Nanny by Pam Behan.  Don’t get too excited, there, because the “tell all” isn’t juicy.  In fact, it ‘s rather polite.  Well, kind of.  Our friends over at Crushable got ahold of a few excerpts, and just like us, they were disappointed.

Behan nannied for Bruce Jenner’s kids for two-and-a-half years before moving on to the Kardashian kids for five.  She appears smitty-kitty with Mr. Olympian and wasn’t so sweet on Kris Jenner (what a surprise).  However, judging from the excerpts, Jenner was apparently very generous to Behan while she was an employee.

Since we spent a great deal of time together, Bruce and I became close friends. We talked about everything from our childhoods and families to the Olympics and his career. We shared a love of sports, cars and classic music. Our favorite song was “Madonna’s Like a Prayer, which we would sing at the top of our voice whenever it came on the radio.

Ok, so you guys were buds?

My friendship with Bruce was always one hundred percent completely platonic. I never kissed him. I did not have sex with him, nor did I harbor a secret love for him. There was never anything inappropriate between us, but we shared many thoughtful and deep conversations, and intimate details about our lives. Honestly, he was like a big brother to me, and I came to depend on his presence in my life. Bruce had become one of my closest friends.

And then there’s Kris Jenner 

I was about the same size as Kris, and I got a lot of hand me downs from her, which was incredibly generous, but not a very realistic wardrobe for a nanny, who spends her time in the car pool lane, at the grocery store, and sitting in a classroom on a college campus. Where on earth am I going to wear a red leather dress? I inherited two of those leather dresses – a black one as well. After hanging in my closet for years, I sold them at a yard sale for fifty bucks each. I kid you not, two women literally got in a fistfight over those dresses.

From my nanny’s salary and waiting tables at Gladstone’s I was paying my tuition at Pepperdine, without my parents’ help or taking out any loans. There were a few times that I didn’t have enough cash for my tuition payment. Kris actually wrote my tuition check to Pepperdine, and then took it out of my future salary. That was kind and generous, and very much appreciated, not to mention trusting (that I would stick around and pay it off).

One of my sweetest memories of Kris was at my senior recital at Pepperdine. My mom and dad couldn’t make the trip out, so Kris made it a point to be there. When I dedicated “Music Box Dancer” to my mom, I noticed Kris was in tears as she watched me play

That’s really sweet, Behan.  So why must you bite the hand that fed you leather and checks?

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