Kara DioGuardi, Emmanuelle Chriqui & Others Go Naked For Allure

I’m not sure what the premise is for having these ladies go bare in Allure, but it was probably an after thought to the “let’s get some celebs naked” idea anyway. So here’s  a little nude celebrity with your morning coffee.

Kara DioGuardi, who is almost as little as Victoria Beckham, said she was proud at her confidence to do the shoot, since she battled binge eating and depression in her early 20s. She used to be a size 6 or 8 and now she’s a size 2, no longer using food to “anesthetize” herself. We’re proud of you too, Kara, but the ribs are eeking me out a bit.

Emmanuel Chriqui looks as you would imagine, flawless. Inexplicably she can find something wrong. “Some women want bigger breasts,” says the Entourage actress. “But [I wish] I could have had a dancer’s body.” Oh, and I wish I didn’t have all these heavy hundred dollar bills.

Colbie Caillat brought herself some liquid courage in a wine bottle, but didn’t end up using it. She wore flesh-tone underwear up until the last second. She was positioned and then “when we were sure nothing was showing, they snipped it off.” That’s probably what I would do too except I would also have a really long straw going to the wine bottle.