Kanye West Writes Apology Song For Taylor Swift

A year later and Kanye West is still apologizing!  Kanye took to his Twitter today to cry to his followers about last year’s Taylor Swift MTV Video Music Awards incident.  He tweeted away about how he was wrong to ruin Swift’s acceptance speech and about how much pain he has been in this year from it.  He even rapped in his tweet! “How deep is the scar … I bled hard … canceled tour with the number
one pop star in the world … closed the doors of my clothing office,” referencing canceling his tour with Lady Gaga because of poor ticket sales.

According to the Huffington Post, Kanye has written a song for Taylor that he hopes she will perform!  It gets better, if she doesn’t accept the song, Kanye will personally perform the song for her! Embarrassing and dramatic! “If she won’t take it then I will perform it for her,” he said in another tweet. 

Maybe this new talk about Taylor has something to do with the rumored reunion between the two at this month’s VMA’s.  If so, Kanye’s killing two birds with one stone with his emo tweets, the statements are only boosting the publicity for his new album coming out this fall.