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September 12th, 2005 // 33 Comments

“I think white people are allowed to say ‘bling’. They are allowed to say old-school black slang, like ‘hottie’ and ‘homie’. Actually, I do not think that (white people) are allowed to use slang until it is at least a year old. If you say a slang word too early, it’s like you’re trying to be black. So as long as the slang is a little played out, you’re all good.”

(Source: contactmusic)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Antigone

    Is this man truly so ignorant that he dosen’t realize he oozes racism from every pore?

  2. ma

    Hello…Tom Cruise #2

  3. lisa

    I have a slight suspiscion that Kanye doesn’t think before he speaks

  4. Jim

    Let me take a crack at this. If you think about it white’s always use old slang that blacks no longer use. I hear them saying “tight”,”Phat”,etc all the time, and they don’t get labeled “wiggers”. So I think he is right, u just have to think outside the box.

    The “wiggers” use current slang, and dress in current hip hop fashion.

    Think about it.

  5. j

    Why should anyone possibly care what he thinks about anything??

  6. What an ignorant ass, who cares about what he thinks?
    Seriously he thinks he is so smart and intelligent, and blah blah….he is just another Diddy aka Shitty. Its only a matter of time before they kill each other, and that will be the end of it. Screw’em.

  7. .02

    Antigone…yes…he seems to be more ignorant with each syllable and yet people are calling him the “Most Influential”.
    He contradicts himself all the time. And needs to go sit down somewhere. By himself.

  8. ella

    “George Bush does not like black people”


  9. ian

    he is such an ignorant fool , its always black and white with him. who the f$%# cares what white or black peopel use for slang , jesus christ kanye west is one of the most racist peopel i know . and the real joke is , if ya want to get technical .fine white peopel cant talk black slang , hey kanye the you dress like a preppy white guy, or live in preppy white neighborhoods, or eat ,or boat or vaction i can go on and on but see how stupid i sound. why cant he jus sit back make his music and collect his phat diggity benjimens, and roll on dubs liek the rest of the rappers yo !!!, besides when is gonna realize that if he really checked into it that ill bet over 50 % of his record sales and concert tickets sales are from from
    white people ..duhhh or should i say duh dizzle….

  10. dani

    what’s wrong with simple english? you know, real words that make sense and are spelled properly. it’s called an education, try it.

  11. Tracy


  12. Cheesy

    I’d like to know when everyone who is black turned mute and left Kanye West to be their spokesperson?

    Quel jerk.

  13. veelee

    Wow, what a racist moron. I can’t wait to my hands on his cd and copy it for FREE. Take that loser, you ain’t gettin’ my money bitch.

  14. mischa

    Ya, it’s really nice that “Mr. Influential” is spreading the word. What happened to plain old english anyway?

  15. Fleur

    I think you guys are taking his comments too seriously. Who knows what context this quote was taken from. He might have been saying it to be funny. I think it should just be taken with a grain of salt. Also, if a comedian like Chris Rock said the same thing, I don’t think anyone would be calling him racist. I’m black and I think the quote is funny, and it also does hold some truth whether you think so or not.

  16. TRACY

    has this guy lost his mind? i tell you this, i won’t be buying any more of his music. who the hell is he to decide what is appropriate? and what is “acting black” YOU EITHER ARE OR YOU AREN’T……………KANYE ARE YOU LISTENING? YOU EITHER ARE BLACK OR YOU ARENT!

  17. mischa

    The difference is that Chris Rock is funny and Kanye is RACIST….

  18. Katie

    I’m not going to deny that a lot of slang originates in the ghettos. Not just black communities, but SPECIFICALLY the ghettos, which is NOT where Kanye West is from. My reaction was similar to Ian’s — Kanye’s uniform of polo shirts with popped collars and aviators originated in the country clubs sometime around 1980. So if he wants to make linguistic and cultural commentary, I will, too. Kanye, you dress like a Theta Chi circa 1983.

  19. teh

    whatever. if the whole country wasnt mad at him for his comments about New Orleans, noone would think anything of this quote. What exactly was racist about the comment? I’m white and I personally think it was funny (and so true). I persoanlly think it just sounds corny half the time when white people use words like that anyway. Case in point, my mom (52 years old) was talking to me and my girlfriends last weekend and used the words bling and phat in a single conversation.

  20. ru

    we cant have nothing b4 its taken and bastardize (if thats a word lol) by the masses.
    think cornrows and that bo derek chick. ive hated cornrows since.

  21. harhar

    His comment has some truth to it, but he didn’t have to say it ‘out loud”, ppl know this already.

    I swear, this guy is turning into a complete nutjob.



  23. Uhm, Yeah

    West is right. Think about it… just think about it. If white folks go around saying new slang, it definitely comes off as ‘trying to act black’. Nothing wrong with that if you really are trying to act black.

  24. sc

    The real point is, people like to speak lingo because it’s “cool”. It makes them one of those who “challenge the norm”, it’s a secret handshake to see if they can be part of the “club”. If people want to say “bling” and “playa playa” instead of walking into classrooms or offices and shooting up their classmates, more power to them. let them wallow in their own dorkitude. at least they’ve stopped wearing red leather jackets and a silver glove.

  25. bella

    Hate. him.

  26. Dirk

    Oh well… at least he likes gays.

  27. fact is...

    Kanye West’s ignorance reflects what the majority of ppl are secretly thinking inside but dont have the guts to say it out loud. Admit it, we’re not saints and we all have our fair share of ignorance, stereotyping, and a certain level of racism.

    However, we’re just STUPID like West to say it on TV.

  28. haute

    HOLY COW! people, Kanye was obviously not being serious and he is so not a racist. Asides from this comment (which was clearly not to be taken seriously), I honestly believe Kanye says what most black folks feel in their hearts but may not say for a number of reasons. You can’t understand that unless you are black. I guess you may want to reply most black folks are racist . If then, can you blame us? There is alot of discrimination in the world and in particular, America. Some of the comments that were posted above are evidence of this. The comment by Milene is a good example because if she knows anything about Kanye West she would know he is not a violent man and that he speaks Japanese, draws and paints and his Mum raised him well. So I don’t know what she means by “it’s only a matter of time before they kill each other”. But that’s just what bigotry is – a generalization of a group of people, usually a negative one.

  29. fuckhim

    Fuck Kayne West. And Fuck his God.

    He is a stupid sob racist pos.

  30. WEST4LyFE

    Kanye WEst tells a lil’ somethin’ that people aren’t too much of–THE TRUTH

  31. CELIA

    The things that kanye is saying isn’t new to anyone, and regardless of who you are, you know that. hes right about what he said about the slang that white people cant use. think about it if you hear a white man come out his face and say somthing like “ayo these cats out here are wh’lyn” the rest of the world is going to be like “what”? so lets stop frontin on kanye and start respecting him. for centuries the black man has been inslaved by the white man and now that the black man has a VOICE EVERYONE has something to say about it.

  32. chris

    yeahh i think some of you people are overreacting. wut he says does hold truth to it he didnt say “i hate when white people use slang” this and that he jus statin how he feels society works. and then people are so quick to call him a racict. idk y people r so uptite now a days…dammn

  33. Kuza

    wtf get over it hez speakin the fukin truth im white az fuk so all u ghostface cuntz stop bein so touchy the difference between racism is how many fukin times do white people discriminate blak people?? we get one person doin it and we all like ARGHH?!!? chil relax my fellow whiteys unles your unhappy with yourself and hes rubbin it in u have nuthin to b arsed bout, i white proud my life isnt eazy, if ur a rich cunt jus fukin die and stop cryin n runnin for ur butler, l8az

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