Kanye West Is Modest In ‘Details’

The forever humble and self-deprecating Kanye West was his usual modest and unassuming self when interviewed for Details magazine.

Kanye just really needs to have more self-confidence. It’s truly heartbreaking to see a man not give himself enough credit for all he’s accomplished. Someone should tell him that it’s OK to have a little bit of an ego.

When asked about criticism of his latest record 808s and Heartbreak:
“Oh my God, I’m one of the greatest rappers in the world,” he says, rapping his words. “I’ll get on a track and completely ee-nihilate that track, I’ll eat it and rip it in half. I wouldn’t have to think of it.”

When asked about being the “voice of the generation:”
“If not me, then who? Someone could be a better rapper, dance
better. But culturally impacting? When you look back at these four and
a half years, who’s the icon at the end of the day? Who broke down
color barriers? What other black guy would a white person use as a
fashion reference?”

Does he think he’s a solid, competent musician?
“Put this in the magazine: There’s nothing more to be said about music.
I’m the fucking end-all, be-all of music. I know what I’m doing. I did 808s
in three weeks. I got it. It’s on cruise control. . . . Man, we talked
about music for God knows how long! Now let’s talk about
how my fucking sweater didn’t come back right from Korea. That’s what’s interesting me.”

Other interesting tid bits. Kanye West says he was once a sex addict and when he was 12 programmed a computer game of giant penises and vagina ghosts. Boooring. We just wish he’d tell us more about his trisexual porn ambitions.

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