Kanye West Goes White For Complex Magazine

Always one for dramatic expression, rapper Kanye West graces the cover of Complex magazine looking like a white marble bust of himself. Notorious for his very public rants, West was thoughtful when asked what “the most important thing” was that he learned about himself over the past year.

“I feel like there are people who have given a lot to me and I wasn’t appreciative of them,” Kanye tells the mag. West added, “How the hell is a 29-year-old grown-ass man acting like a little bitch and getting all emotional? How spoiled can I get?” Answering a question with a question, well-played young grasshopper.

As for the question of his sexuality, West explained his thoughts on why it’s such an issue. “I really think it’s because society tries to dictate the way a guy is supposed to dress and the way a guy is supposed to act, and I refuse to conform,” Kanye told Complex. And you know what? Whatever we might say about the boy, at least he keeps it fresh. We have to give him that.

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Gallery Info: Kanye West poses for Complex magazine.