Kanye West And Amber Rose Strolling In SoHo

So, are we going with Amber Rose and Kanye West are back together? I mean, one doesn’t go shopping in SoHo with just anyone, right?

OK, shopping might happen, but a romantic getaway to Miami Beach where there is lots of PDA definitely is something you don’t just do with a friend. Kanye and Amber seemed quite happy though as they walked about the streets of SoHo.

Well, the looked happy until Kanye started yelling at the paparazzi because they were following him. Yell away good sir. It is highly doubtful that your yelling will cause any sort of hiccup in the paparazzi world, but go ahead and yell.

But really, wasn’t Amber just spotted cuddling up to Chris Brown? Sometimes I just want to give up on trying to follow celebrity relationships. They just get far too complicated. Then I remember how much I love it. Whether or not Amber and Kanye are back together, I hope they enjoy it. That is, until they break up again. Although after that split we might find them completely nude on a beach as opposed too partially nude.

Gallery Info: Amber Rose and Kanye West walking in SoHo as Kanye yells at paparazzi.