Kanye West Ends A Very Long Engagement

Rapper/sound-byte generator Kanye West and his fiancée Alexis Phifer have called off their engagement, ending their long-term relationship. The two had been dating since 2002, briefly separating in 2004, and became engaged in 2006 on vacation in Italy.

Is a big-bosomed woman to blame for their split? A source close to Kanye revealed to Us Weekly that it was Kanye’s career that ultimately killed their relationship. “Kanye is possessed by the tour and everything going on and just couldn’t keep it going. They are still friends and have broken up and gotten back together before, so it could work out.”

I’m sure his need to have her award him with a statuette after each lovemaking session probably didn’t help much either. And we all know how he can be if he doesn’t get is precious awards.

Photos: Getty Images