Kanye West Receives a Connect 4 Thrashing from Beyonce

Looking 80s nerd fabulous, Kanye West is seen here all smiley and stuff at what I’m guessing is some InTouch Weekly and H&M event. Talking for the first time about his mother’s death this past November, he revealed on his blog that he spent a lot of his time in Europe playing the the board game Connect 4 to help zone out to help take his mind off his grief. Kanye said that of those who played against him, Beyonce Knowles revealed herself to be a “legendary connect 4 champion,” beating him nine consecutive times and Kanye adds, “I didn’t even spaz lol.” That was a wise choice to go with Connect 4, which is one of my favorite games from my childhood. I imagine that trying to solve a Rubik’s cube during such a difficult time in one’s life would simply add to the torment.

Photos: Getty Images