Kanye West Becomes BFFs With The Paparazzo He Attacked [PHOTOS]

Kim Grabs Kanye's Bum
The Kardashian family has a thing for butts.
Guys, who knew Kanye West had it in him to be such a sweetie?

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Kanye got annoyed at a female paparazzo and took her camera away? Well, it seems like those two have let bygones be bygones.

While getting picked up at the Miami airport by his lady love, Kim Kardashian, Kanye felt the need to make peace with the paparazzo. Not only did Kanye apologize, but he was photographed giving the lady quite a few hugs as well. All of this while Kim watched from her car with amusement. Seriously, Kanye had that in him?

Maybe this relationship with Kim has really changed him. I mean, I feel like if he’d been dating Kim, he wouldn’t have even bothered to interrupt Taylor Swift’s VMA speech all those years ago. What is happening to the world?!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Kanye making friends with the paparazzi. Do you guys think this is a new and improved Kanye we’re seeing? Does it have to do with Kim? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!