Kacey Jordan May Have Aborted Charlie Sheen’s Baby

Kacey Jordan gave a searing interview about her wild night with Charlie Sheen, admitting she aborted a child last week that may have been his! The porn star is infamously known for her wild night (and day) of partying with the actor for 36 hours before he was hospitalized.

“I had the abortion last Thursday, I went home to Oregon to have it because that is where I grew up. I think it might have been too soon to be Charlie’s baby, but you never know,” the porn star said, who has had three previous abortions. “I get pregnant very easily.” Um, yeah, that tends to happen when you don’t use birth control!

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“I was just impressed he was able to finish really,” the 22-year-old says of the 45-year-old Sheen, who was drunk when she arrived and took massive amount of cocaine the next day. But it turns out there’s something Sheen loves almost as much as his drugs and booze: porn stars!

“He kept talking about his dream to live his life with all porn stars,” Jordan said, pictured leaving ABC studios where she taped a segment for Good Morning America on Jan. 31. “To just go to work and come home and we would all be waiting for him in his home with his children and we would take care of them. And there would be drugs and alcohol. That’s all he needs.”

A simple man with simple tastes, really.