JWOWW’s Ex-Boyfriend Claims She Stabbed Him

JWOWW’s ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis told Star Magazine that Farley had once stabbed him in the arm with a small steak knife.  On March 6th of last year, the couple got into a heated argument after Farley accused Lippolis of talking to another woman at a nightclub.  The alcohol-induced fight got to the point where Farley attacked Lippolis with said knife.  “Jenni was holding the knife, with blood dripping off it in one hand and swinging a fireplace poker at the other,” the ex griped.  “I have a hole in my elbow  from where she impaled me with the poker.  Lippolis then drove himself to a nearby hospital on Long Island where he received 37 stitches in his arm.  Star claims to have medical records to prove this.

The Daily Mail reports that Lippolis, who is also Farley’s former manager (he started representing her when she signed on for Jersey Shore), is suing the reality star for $700,000 in managerial fees.   Soooo Lippolis is claiming that Farley got violent with him, but she has made accusations in the past that Lippolis was emotionally and physically abusive towards her.  What a mess.  Lippolis told the magazine, “JWoww was almost like an alter ego.  I fell in love with Jenni Farley, but it was JWoww who ruined the romance.”

Why didn’t Lippolis report the incident to the police when it happened?  “I wanted to guard her for some odd reason,” he told Star.