JWoww Models A New Collaboration With Perfect Tan Bikini [PHOTOS]

Jwoww in Vegas
The reality star posed with a sucker at Chateau.
JWoww has teamed up with Perfect Tan Bikini to create a line of swimsuits that make it easier for the sun to hit the body without one’s top falling off, according to the Daily Mail.  Instead of removing the straps and worrying about your boobs popping out,  Perfect Tan Bikini created cups lined with waterproof adhesive activated by heat. 

The Jersey Shore star posed in a number of bikinis-that-look-like-cheap-lingerie, demonstrating that advantages of going strap-free.  The line will be available February 2012.

In order to make the adhesive last, the company suggests that you reactivate the heat using a blow dryer or hot iron.  This sounds like those strapless adhesive bras that are useless after a few wears.

In other news, season five of Shore returns January 5th.

Would you sport this bikini?

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