JWoww Hobbles Around On Crutches, Has Chauffer In The Form Of Snooki [PHOTOS]

Well it seems there’s been a little of trouble in the Jersey Shore sober house.

Our poor JWoww was spotted this weekend hobbling around Seaside Heights on crutches. Luckily she’s got her main gir Snooki to drive her around. Honestly, car rides with those must be priceless. Imagine the inane conversations.

According to TMZ, JWoww sprained her ankle, although some believe she got caught up in a nasty Jersey Shore bar fight. Yay! Bar fights! Maybe the excitement of the original season will live on!

JWoww and Snooki have just been all over the place filming these past few months. First they had their own spin off show to shoot, now they’re back at the Shore. What new things could possibly happen to them? Snooki is pregnant and boring, JWoww’s got a sprained ankle–we can’t live like this!

Also, I like JWoww’s pink hair. Check out all the photos in the gallery and then tell us how you feel about this upcoming season of Jersey Shore? Love it or over it?