Justin Timberlake’s Mom Had Hot Celebs at Her Birthday Jam

JT’s Moms had herself a birthday bash. Hopefully she pulled him aside to address that stank move where he banned people from making eye contact with him on the set of his latest video. Ass. Starpulse has the scoop.

Newly single Justin Timberlake partied with actresses Eva Longoria and Alyssa Milano into the early hours of Saturday morning while celebrating his mother’s birthday. The pop superstar – who recently confirmed his split with his girlfriend of four years Cameron Diaz – attended the exclusive Jet nightclub at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada with his mother Lynn Harless, who turned 45 on Friday.

Timberlake ensured Harless had the time of her life by keeping the champagne flowing, and even took to the mic to wish her a happy birthday, as she blew out the candles on her three-tiered cake, made by celebrity chef Jean-Philippe Maury.

This is a hot story with a personal connotation for me. Why? Cuz’ I’m going to be in Vegas tonight and tomorrow and staying at the Mirage and maybe going to that club if I can get my fug ass in there. And it means I will be looking hot at the same club Alyssa Milano did. Screw JT and Eva! Alyssa had her own workout video when she was a teen called “Alyssa Milano: Teen Steam!” It was like soft-core barely legal porn. Alyssa in a leotard with big hair trying to entice obsese teenagers to work at emulating her fineness. I wish it was out on DVD. *swoon* Don’t even get me started on Charmed.