Justin Timberlake’s a Gas

June 28th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Poor Justin. The singer apparently has trouble digesting his food, and one of the requirements in his tour rider is for Beano tablets to be provided.

Justin, who says the tablets help him digest food, has also requested two dressing rooms, to be kept at a constant 22 degrees Celsius, and continuous supply of Hershey chocolate bars.

Maybe his gas issue is the reason behind his fan rage of late.


By Kimberly London

  1. Maybe he’s just sick of touring and wants to come back home and hang out with Jessica Beil full-time.

    Those people are lucky he even shows up.


  2. Zekers

    “Those people are lucky he even shows up.” Why is that, because he does all his shows for free??? What an odd thing to say…

  3. theoriginalbitch

    Those people are paying customers hon. If fuckface is sick, he should man up, give the concert goers their money back, and bring his little simpleton ass back to the States.

  4. Always knew that snotty little prick was full of shit.

  5. katie

    Hm, I wonder why someone who demands an “unlimited supply of Hershey bars” would also need Beano? Eat some fiber, you rude moron!

  6. Dear Zekers & theoriginalbitch,

    I wasn’t referring to concertgoers, but rather the people he’s been accused of being rude to. (I.E. photogs and That random crowd shouting insults up at him on his hotel balcony.)

    Sorry for any confusion.


  7. stolidog

    Chocolate is to good digestion what cocaine is to a good night’s sleep.


  8. BK

    Dude better keep the personality thing going, before folks realize he’s an everyday, sub-par singer.

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