Justin Timberlake Unfulfilled By Glamazon

August 20th, 2007 // 9 Comments

I’m sure he was just with his Moms. Justin Timberlake was spotted out in NYC with a lady friend who was not on “7th Heaven”. And the weekend before he was here in Boston having drinks with Kate Hudson after his show. Which is funny seeing as Kate and Cameron Diaz had that teary run-in several months back in which Kate wailed that she had never tried to steal Cam’s man. So I guess she waited until it was over like a proper lady should. But she was thinking it! Anyway, back to the present:

Spies spotted the notorious flirt “sitting with a bronze-skinned brunette with long brown hair all night at a cocktail table near the dance floor” at an HBO party on the roof of the Tribeca Grand. “They were obviously into each other,” said the spy. “It was just the two of them . . . he had no entourage at all.” Another source dished to us, “He is notorious. He will [bleep] anything.” A rep for Timberlake said, “I have no comment on his personal life.”

You know that stank-sounding “another source” was Cameron. But I think we all know the crux of this story is that Justin Timberlake gets laid. A lot.

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By J. Harvey

  1. zoe louise

    i really don’t see how he is attractive; he kind of looks like a rat / any number of…well…those trashy guys who emulate the “thug” style (like um..wearing a black silky suit-esque thing wtf is it… and sneakers?)and drive around souped up Dodge Neons with all that tacky stuff all over them…they are already very ignorant and uneducated but take great pains to employ vernacular which serves only to add emphasis to this, which is already painfully obvious…and yeah, they all do kinda look like rats, too. huh.

  2. Zekers

    I was thinking he could let the brow knit back together and hang with the Geico cavemen…
    He just screams, “Look at me, I’m so great” doesn’t he?

  3. “He is notorious. He will [bleep] anything.”

    Classic.. I’ve been trying to get like that but red hair is such a turn off.. oh well. I’ll fuck *almost* anthing. lol


  4. Sha

    Why such hate? I mean, yeah he is kinda annoying when he talks about himself, but his songs are hot and he is definitely cute (I’m not feeling the facial hair, but think back to his fresh, clean face in the Gone video, mmm).

    Oh and who considers JT to have a thug image? ROFL!!!! Zoe Louise, if you consider JT to have a thug image you’re living a VERY sheltered life, lol.

  5. stolidog

    well, let’s be honest with ourselves. I’d ride him hard, with or without the facial hair.

  6. hot backup

    whos that backup dancer? whats her name

  7. Her name is Tammy Fey.

  8. Her name is Tammy Fey.

  9. CJ

    Her name is Tammy Fey

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