Justin Timberlake To Take On Jamie Foxx One-On-One

Justin Timberlake and Jaime Fox  will appear in those annoying commercials before the movies start to promote the NBA.

In a campaign entitled “Win or Go Home” TNT is working to promote the NBA playoffs this year in a “long-form marketing spot” (you can give it whatever jargon you want, but it’s a commercial.)

Timberlake and Fox will start the commercial talking about the contenders for the Championship Trophy in June and a montage of players including Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will follow. The debate heats up between the two actor-singers and they “ditch a red carpet event for an impromptu one-on-one” mirroring previous plays from NBA players. I was hoping it was going to be a singing/acting/dance off but this sounds fun too.

Justin looks like he’s getting in some practice on the set of Bad Teacher where he shoots hoops between takes. That is until he spied the paparazzi and focused on shooting death stares. Wonder why he hates the cameras so much….