Justin Timberlake Takes A Break From Work To Golf

If you thought Justin Timberlake was just a pop star, you thought wrong. The entrepreneurial-minded singer has a clothing line, an executive producer job and a Saturday Night Live hosting gig on his plate.

The Phone is an MTV reality series that Justin thought was a “unique idea for a show.” He said in an interview, “It comes from a show in Holland, and we wanted to figure out how to make it more interesting…and make these contestants feel like action movie stars.”

As for his return to SNL, the musician is returning to the show May 9 as part of an open invitation to stop by whenever he’s available. Between all of his engagements, Timberlake says he’s not yet found time to set up a Twitter account.

“If I can find a way to do that and do everything I am doing, I’ll be happy to make a contribution to cyberspace. Though I would have to have someone walk me through it,” the “SexyBack” singer claims. For now, he’s happy yelling “Fore!” and hitting tiny white balls.

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