Justin Timberlake Scores ‘Bad Teacher’

Wow, people really seem to think this guy can act.  I feel pretty certain that they only performance of his I’ve caught is ‘Dick In A Box.’  A masterpiece.

Well, unlike Justin Timberlake’s recent film, The Social Network, this new one is a comedy, and, from what I hear, a coveted role.  Good work, JT!

Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz, is about a nasty, gold-digging teacher who tries to steal her coworker’s rich boyfriend, who will be played by Justin.  Didn’t these two used to date?  Awkward.

The other dudes who lost out on the role are John Krasinski, Joel McHale (I love you, Joel!), Timothy Olyphant, Guy Pearce, Adam Scott, and Cheyenne Jackson.  Justin must be pretty good to spank such a talented bunch!

Here’s Justin now with the woman he pretends to date, um, I mean, girlfriend, Jessica Biel, having lunch with friends on February 19th.  Our image provider had this to say about the pictures:

“In between bites Justin and Jessica couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They occasionally held hands and kissed.”

Yeah, I can totally feel the love.  Seriously, I’ve been married for almost a decade and often have thoughts of murdering my husband in his sleep, yet we look like hormonal teenagers next to these two.  Love you, baby!