Justin Timberlake Nixed Kathy Griffin Phone Call On Her Show

August 19th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Comedian Kathy Griffin told a crowd in Orlando during a performance that Justin Timberlake refused to sign an agreement to allow a phone call he made to air on her Bravo show.

As a bit on My Life on the D-List, Kathy had rapper T.I. get Timberlake on the phone. But when the pop star heard it was just for Kathy’s show, he replied with an “Oh,” and wouldn’t agree to let it air.

I guess he’s not as much of a good sport as I thought. It’s not all unitards and “Single Ladies” all the time.

Gallery Info: Justin Timberlake arrives at a recording studio.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Robyn

    Little Wus!!!! His Mama needs to get a hold of him and bring him down a peg or two~~

  2. Nate

    What an a-hole! I’ve been trying to get on her show for years! Follow me on twitter Kathy!(I know you’re gonna read this!)

  3. z

    I guess he didn’t think it was funny when she talks about him in Allegedly? “I love the white kids being all black! Blackety black! Justin Timberlake is Nubian at this point!” Come on, Justin, it sure SEEMS like you have a sense of humor…just not about yourself, huh?

  4. Michael Romero

    What a stupid cunt fuck

  5. Shreem


  6. Mike & Mike

    WHAT A HUGE VAGINA HE IS. Guess he needs a man like Britney to make him butch up again.

    Little twat face..He only wishes he could be on your show? What the hell has he done lately other than expose Janets uh alleged boob and do background vocals for other artists.


  7. Scott

    I just deleted all of his songs from my itunes. What a loser!

  8. Scott

    I just deleted all of his songs from my itunes. What a loser!

  9. Andrew Ricci

    Dear: Justin Timberlake
    Andrew not home pick sarah willams gym after call.

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