Justin Timberlake May Just Make It In Hollywood After All

ShowBizSpy.com is abuzzin’ with the rumor that Quentin Tarantino is eyeing Justin Timberlake for a a new “violent epic based around a trainee hitman.”  Tarantino is more excited to turn the former teeny bopper into a bona fide actor than anything else.

“Justin is a new raw talent when it comes to acting but Quentin feels
he could be ideal for the lead role. He’s excited about taking a teen
heartthrob and turning him into a cold-blooded killer.”

If Justin hits it home in The Social Network (out October 1st), he may just be able to take on this role Tarantino has for him.  Meanwhile, it’s time to focus on current projects like Friends With MoneyTimberlake and co-star Mila Kunis filmed scenes yesterday in Los Angeles.

Do you think Timberlake would do well in a Tarantino film?