Justin Timberlake Hasn’t Proposed To Or Knocked Up Jessica Biel

June 11th, 2008 // Leave a Comment

Justin Timberlake made an appearance on Leno last night, and was not asked to make his “gayest face.” He’s usually making it anyway. Leno asked him straight out if he was engaged to his Amazonian galpal Jessica Biel.

“Am I engaged? In what?” Timberlake asked, telling Leno, “I’m engaged in a conversation with you.” He’s slick, that one. With his twisty words! Timberlake also denied that Biel is knocked up. You’d need a jack hammer to penetrate those walls with an egg! She’s that tough.

Timberlake did admit he’s dating her (they recently moved in together), and when male audience members yelled their support, he said “woo is right!” They’re just in awe that she hasn’t crushed your tiny ass with her massive rockhard wrestler thighs. That chick is like bricks.

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More of Justin Timberlake’s appearance on Jay Leno are after the jump.

By J. Harvey

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