JT and Jessica Biel Take It to Sweden

In the continuing photo essay project that I’m clearly working on here on ASL, here is my latest installment of a little something I like to call, “The Justin Timberlake/Jessica Biel Project.” These two are continuing to be seen in public, looking very couple-y and it’s making me think that Justin might be thinking about bringing commitment back. You know how those tabloid magazines employ the “behavior experts” to help analyze what a couple is feeling for one another? Well, we don’t have that here. What you have is me, making it all up in my head and then presenting it as an “expert” opinion. So, bear with me…

Seriously, if they were just hooking up, don’t you think Jessica would be looking a bit more flirty and not so serious? She looks very somber, like, “Hello. I am in love. I’m wearing dark sunglasses.” And Justin’s all, “Woo hoo! I might be in love! I might not! I’m not sure! I’m on vacation.” Aren’t you glad I was able to provide some insight into this situation?

Also, it looks like Joanna Garcia (from “Reba”) is still hanging with JT’s buddy, Trace Ayala, who I guess are dating. Interesting.


More photos of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel in Sweden are after the jump.