Justin Timberlake Gives (Preggo?) Jessica Biel The Spotlight

First things first, let’s divulge our suspicions that the usually athletic to the point of ridiculousness Jessica Biel is concealing something underneath that summer dress of hers. She seems way too disciplined to pull a Lisa Timmons (i.e. declaring it a “Cookie Weekend” and eating her weight in both Oreos and Brie) so we’re all jumping aboard the assumption train here in regards to a possible pregnancy, even though she’s said before that she doesn’t want any of that mess.

As for her buoyant relationship with Justin Timberlake, the actress received some moral support from her superstar boyfriend at the premiere of her new film Hole in the Paper Sky. Biel write, directed and produced the movie and a witness said of JT’s arrival, “[Justin] was saying how excited he was to be back in Palm Springs to see Jessica’s film.”

Little known fact: her dog ghost-wrote most of it. Just kidding! That would be silly. Her dog thinks movies are frivolous.

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