Justin Timberlake Celebrates While Jessica Biel Wallows

June 14th, 2009 // 15 Comments

It was a tequila filled evening last night for Justin Timberlake. The singer/actor was in New York City to celebrate the launch of his 901 Silver Tequila. He looked to be fully enjoying himself.

On the west coast was his girlfriend Jessica Biel. She was looking less enthused while walking her three dogs in Malibu. Kind of odd that she wasn’t with Justin. Maybe she just doesn’t like tequila?

Gallery Info: Justin Timberlake in New York City, and Jessica Biel in Malibu

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. american dreamer

    A friend of mine who was until recently Jessica Biel’s personal physician confided in me that Jessica suffers from “androgny insensitivity syndrome”. Other famous people who have this syndrome are Jamie Lee Curtis, Wallis Simpson (the former Duchess of Windsor”) and the “Black Dahlia” (the murder victim in L.A. that was the subject of a recent movie).

    Many thousands of women around the world suffer from a disorder known as Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS), or in old text books as Testicular Feminisation Syndrome. The syndrome is of great interest because it conclusively proves (though perhaps still not to some judges and lawyers) that women can have XY genes, a fact which has considerable significance for genetically XY Male-to-Female (MTF) transsexuals.

    • Dave

      you’re an ass…none of the celebs you cited have ever been proven to have AIS..Wallis Simpson had weel publiczed surgery for uterine fibroids…there has never been anything but hearsay about Ms. Curtis and you are the only person I have ever heard say this about Ms. Biel and the Black Dahlia was in fact a real wopman names Elizabeth Short who by the way most defintely had a full autopsy and was in fact all girl. Educate yourself you silly, silly twit.

  2. suzannah o.

    What American Dreamer is referring to is commonly referred to as “hermaphrodites”. I heard this rumor about Jessica Biel and Jamie Lee Curtis is another notorious example. (I think that is why her parents named her “Jamie” and her kids are all adopted)

    Kim Novak the actress was a hermaphrodite.

    The historical figures Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth the Ist are also believed to be hermaphrodites.

    In fact Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, was believed to be murdered because her boyfriend discovered she was a hermaphrodite.

  3. american dreamer

    Another recent example of a hermaphrodite is Ann Coulter the republican. She even has an adam’s apple.

  4. Luke

    …so you’re saying Jessica Biel has a wang?

  5. american dreamer

    In response to Luke’s question,

    There are different degrees of androgny insensitivity syndrome

    When Jamie Lee Curtis was born they couldn’t tell her sex and later assigned her to be a woman and did corrective surgery to her reproductive organs to remove an undeveloped penis. (This is why she was named “Jamie” and her kids are adopted. Also notice her deep voice.)

    We don’t know the extent of Jessica’s hermaphroditism. She may just have what looks like an enlarged clitoris but which is really an undeveloped penis. And her parents may have corrected it as a child. I didn’t ask my friend for the details.

    Ann Coulter is a more classic example of this syndrome. It explains her height (how many women are six feet tall?), adam’s apple, deep voice and thin frame.

    We’ll have to ask Justin if Jessica has a baby dick.

  6. An actual physician and not someone who just knows one

    First off, it’s “androgen insensitivity syndrome”.

    If he/she really did in fact tell you Ms. Biel’s medical history, what your physician friend did is extremely unethical not to mention illegal. No wonder he or she is now Ms. Biel’s former personal physician.

  7. American Dreamer

    In response to the “actual physician” my friend the doctor has lots of celebrity clients and he not only told me about their various medical conditions he showed me their files (not actually Jessica’s but some of the others). Why not?

    My wife is also a physician and she tells me all the medical problems of our mutual friends and acquaintances and people from our church (and my office) who are her patients.

    I think its important for people to know that Jessica Biel is half man. I hope Justin finds out.

  8. cassandra

    There are a lot of recorded cases in the medical books of women with AIS (who are hermaphrodites) who had virgin births …. by giving birth to their own children because they had both male and female sex organs that intermingled. There was one such case in my hometown in Toledo Ohio. There was alleged incest but medical examination proved the child was a hermaphrodite who gave birth to her own child when she went through puberty.

    In fact many scholars believe the VIRGIN MARY HERSELF was a hermaphrodite and that explains the virgin birth of the baby Jesus.

    There are also isolated towns in Siberia where there is a high rate of hermaphrodites….and in islands in the pacific…the theory is that when there is insufficient men to propogate survival of species leads to this miracle.

  9. american dreamre


  10. joey

    Jessica Biel should do a nude spread in Penthouse so we can see her male parts! I wanna see her baby dick!


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  12. Zekers

    Man, this blog is attracting some interesting posters lately…*shudders*

  13. Another MD

    This personal physican (and your wife, by the way) violated the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Ask them about it, they know they’re violating it….they could lose their license as well as face criminal charges for disclosing patient information if discovered (which, if you friend was “recently Jessica Biel’s personal physician” could be easily investigated).

    Of course, this whole “personal physican” could be a load of bullsh*t….

  14. Zekers

    …I’d go with the bullsh*t theory, Another MD.

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