Justin Timberlake Cast In Facebook Film

Pop star, Justin Timberlake, is preparing to take on some pretty nerdy film fare. The singer, who showed off his sports enthusiast side at the men’s semi-finals at this year’s US Open, is set to star in a film about the founders of Facebook.

In The Social Network, Timberlake will take on the role of Napster co-founder, Sean Parker, who became the first president of Facebook. The movie will chronicle the rise of the social network, which was founded in 2004 at Harvard.

Timberlake is in some pretty esteemed company, with Fight Club director, David Fincher, at the helm and Kevin Spacey acting as executive producer. I’ll be curious to see how they make all that clickety-clacking on the keyboard exciting. Maybe a few explosions here and there?

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at the men’s semi-finals at the US Open 2009.