Birds In Australia Know What’s Up

Justin Timberlake was brutally attacked by a magpie while playing golf in Australia. That’s scary! Birds will just swoop down and try to kill you Down Under? Justin Timberlake is Tippi Hedren! You know he owns the wig.

Recalling the incident onstage at his Sydney concert on Tuesday night, he said: “(Magpies are) the dive bombing gangsters of the air!”

He added, “I didn’t realise until I got to the next tee bar, that I had peed my pants, just a little bit! Just a little bit, not a lot,” reports “So, I say, ‘Boo’ to the magpies.”

I would never admit that I wet myself. Magpies allegedly like shiny objects, so it was probably going for the golfclub which had to have been flashing in the sun. Either that or Justin’s beautiful jewelry. I’m surprised his Amazon Jessica Biel didn’t just run up and pluck the bird out of the air and snap its neck. You don’t mess with her. Justin’s the petite flower in that relationship.

Photos: Getty Images