Lance Bass Is Bitter

Justin’s lookin’ kinda smokin’ here. Lance Bass says that he realizes now that Justin Timberlake’s last composition with N*Sync (“Gone”) was his goodbye to all of them. Lance says that he gave up several opportunities waiting for JT to come back to the group. “Two & A Half Guys” guest shot? Thanksgiving Day Parade hosting gig? C’mon. Please.

Bass says: “When you really look back at it, with the song Gone, it was just him, no one else had any leads… It was just his solo record.

He adds: “I gave up so many opportunities, some television projects that I personally wanted to do, because I knew couldn’t.”

Bass says he and the rest of N*SYNC thought Timberlake would just record a solo record and then come back to record the next disc with them. HAH! Yeah, right. Are you kidding? Look, Lance. You’ve got it better than the most. You can at least do some gigs now that you’re riding the gay train. It could be worse. Chris Kirkpatrick is on VH-1 in “Man Band”. I’ll type it again, Chris Kirkpatrick is on VH-1 in “Man Band”. And while I’m counseling you, do you happen to have Joey’s phone number?

Photos: Flynet Onilne