Justin Timberlake And Cameron Diaz Can’t Stand The Cold

January 17th, 2006 // 20 Comments

Can we say overdressed? Good Lord! Maybe Cameron is just trying to keep the baby warm? What is JT’s excuse though. He looks like the Michelin Man.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are expecting a baby together, the Daily Star claims today.

Timberlake’s mother, Lynne Harless, apparently revealed the couple’s happy news to her neighbours in Memphis, Tennessee.

“Lynne told us about a neighbour who had gone all out for Christmas because she’d had her first grandchild over – and she couldn’t help grinning,” one friend told the newspaper.

“She was asked if she was keeping a secret and burst out that it was going to be ‘a very exciting year for Justin and Cameron’ and that she hoped to have a baby over next December 25 – then added, ‘I’m knitting booties.’

I see no other reason why the couple would have gotten engaged? It seems to be the norm for celebrities these days to get married or engaged and then announce that they are pregnant.

Diaz and Timberlake expecting baby? [Digital Spy]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tellitlikeitis

    well if it is true which I doubt… these chicks in Hollywood have no clue how to behave when pregnant – forst you have Katie Holmes ice skating and on a motorcycle pregnant and now Cameron skiing?????? these are all major no no’s for mommies to be… which could only mean none of them are actually pregnant.

  2. Brit

    Thanks Cam and Justin for making it all right for me to wear my camo snow suit!

  3. The Prophecy

    Jesus, just FYI neighbor is not spelled with a u, thus it is not neighbour it’s neighbor. Might want to start hiring writers with at least a high school diploma!

  4. veelee

    FYI Prophecy:
    Looks like it was either a Canadian or British writer – it’s not spelled “neighbor” everywhere in the world, you know.

  5. kitkatwoman

    This picture is from a few weeks back

  6. Anna

    ^ haha

  7. Serenity

    I agree with you Tellitlikeitis. I did not think that you were suppose to go skiing when you are pregnant.

  8. Kate

    They’re only dressed like that because they were skiing or snowboarding. If anyone has ever done either of those, you need all the protection and warmth. And it’s neighbour with a U the English spelling?

  9. janet

    yup – neighbour, colour…

  10. MJ


  11. doofus

    to MJ…newsflash…the INTERNET ISN’T “IN” AMERICA.

    this blog is read by people all over the world. can the spelling police just relax?! it’s not CNN, forcryingoutloud. or your next English paper. it’s a blog, and we ALL know what someone means whether they spell it neighbor or neighbour.

  12. KittyLiterati

    The Daily Star’s a British rag, hence the “neighbour.”

    Given the parentage, the baby is going to be hella annoying.

  13. Green Eyed Angel

    …and I’m sure whichever way it was meant to be spelled, every lil ms/mr perfect on here has never committed a typo sin!!
    Can we stop attacking each other and focus on Hollyweird? That’s much more fun!

  14. MJ


    Sorry I meant to say “ITS ONLY NEIGHBOR HERE IN AMERICA!!”… I left out the “only” by mistake.

  15. Kelsey

    MJ, still saying “it’s only neighbor here in america” is still implying that you are ignorant and don’t think about other possible spellings. By the way, if you want to rag on Canadian spelling (or British as the case may be)…how about we rag on American pronunciation? How about foyer for example? it’s not Foy-er, it’s Foy-yeh. Don’t knock other forms of English, or you will get it right back.

  16. Steph

    You don’t even need a HS diploma to know that neighbour is the British spelling. I think someone here def. needs to retake middle school.

  17. jos

    Kelsey, you’re a turd. By saying, “It’s only ‘neighbor’ here in america”, he meant only in America is it spelt “neighbor”, thus implying that in OTHER countries it’s spelled differently. He corrected himself, so you’re obviously an idiot for not reading carefully, eh?

    And it sounds like “the prophecy” might want to get out of whatever hole they’ve been living in their entire life. “might want to start hiring writers with at least a high school diploma” would indicate that someone from socialite’s life actually wrote the paragraph with the word “neighbor” in it, but he’s too stupid to see that it was an excerpt from somewhere else.

  18. Kelsey

    Ya ok, I’m a turd…bite me
    Oh yeah, btw, “America” includes Canada and Mexico…so if he said only America, he’s wrong. If he had said the United States, then I would really have no beef. Now who’s the idiot?

  19. nina

    gee it cant be that cold people

  20. nique

    gee it cant be that cold people

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