Justin Timberlake Chases Waterfalls

June 1st, 2005 // 8 Comments

Capture’s from the Cameron Diaz MTV show Trippin. Justin should be warned not to make faces for the camera.

(Thanks to L.D. for the photos.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Seamus

    Who agrees with me when I say he looks about a half a chromosome short of down syndrome in the second picture?

  2. Lorena

    haha! That’s funny! And true!

  3. fuckheugly

    fuck, he ugly.

  4. Mariana

    Cry me a river Cammie.

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  6. Well if your all commenting about
    Justin Timberlake, He got a killer singing voice , There are’t to many Wiggas,That kick ass, and take names, aside from Justin, and M & M I don’t know of any others, and they both are lean white dude, My Type “Yum!” and since when did guy’s faces hold so much value in todays socity, it’s alwasy beeb in the “jeans” And I’d love to get inbetween them both that’s weould be a TREET
    Str8 or not That they’d never forget, me in the middel,Oowha…. ,Can you get a picture of Timberlake and Marshall 69 one raping in between deep throatin,slirp’s and the other letting out killer uummms and rhythmic Screams!
    All Cheer’s for the skinny White Dude, wherein boxers with a nice treasure trail up the belly button,who looses there shirt every change they get , Who sport there daily boners, With pirde, and don’t hide! Proud men that rule,
    id bet Marshall Mathers is Hung like a Real Brother?l I got the camera if he’s got the balls?
    im sure he’s to busy counting his millions.
    ahhh , and i forgot Mark Walburg, You know he’s Fag!………..you got to see that show he’s in cameo, and produced!That show time show called
    ,E n t o u r a g e,
    That show kick’s ‘ “The five best buddies from the big appel move to hollywood, with there rising star” would be movie star” and there all his Entourage, it’s tight! ;-)~

  7. Kate


  8. Jax

    Wow, Kate, what an estute witness you are to the maturity of Timberlake fans everywhere…

    Point proven.


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