Justin Set To Help Britney Bring Sexy Back

March 27th, 2007 // 10 Comments

As part of Britney’s plan to get her life and career back on track, she has been in contact with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, with plans for the two to get in the studio and lay down tracks for a duet. The two have plans to record their version of “You’re All I Need to Get By” as early as this week in Los Angeles, under the watchful eye of producer, Timbaland. Ask Men.com reports:

A source said: “Britney was extremely touched that Justin had been in contact. Going into the studio is Justin’s way of helping her get better.”

The single was originally a success in the charts for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell nearly forty years ago and has all parties involved hoping that it has the potential for a comeback for the down and out pop singer. Whew. Finally! I mean, this is the kind of news that I’ve been waiting for–rumblings of a comeback. I’m trying to maintain a sense of calm and not get my hopes up, only to have them dashed to the ground, but if anyone can get Britney back in the game, it’s JT and Timbaland. OMG, just listen to me. I’m totally playing the role of the classic battered fan.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Shaster

    I’m not sure that even JT can turn that much skanky into sexy. It’s JT, not JC. Props to the Lawd, ya’ll!


    That picture totally looks like her little sister.

    She should hide Jamielyn (sp?) for a while, and then in 6 months get her to pretend she’s Britney.
    That sounds like the best bet at a “comeback”……

    she never sang to begin with, she just fit into the clothes. And it looks like Jamielyn has the best chance of fitting into the clothes : )

  3. Jinxy McDeath

    Let’s see, a forty year old Marvin Gaye classic…as a come back vehicle to be done with a man who sounds like a neutered puppy. His falsetto is so annoying, she can’t sing. This is the plan? Bye bye Britard!

  4. Brunette

    please dont say comeback…i think we all need rehab after what britney has put us through

  5. Keisha

    Britney does not need Justin to “come back.” Britney has sold over 80 million albums in the last 8 years, she is a solid pop star and will make another hit dance pop record when she’s ready. She’s got a fabulous team of producers, managers and songwriters, and the only man she really needs is Max Martin, who can give us some of the old school Britney-pop we first fell in love with…

  6. A

    Did anyone mention the Method Man/Mary J. Blige re-make that was amazing?

  7. condi's ingrown toenail

    Oh my Lord, has he lost his mind? He’s on a major upswing, and she’s at her nadir. Why would he want to associate with such a loser, especially after he barely got away from her with his life? I think this is a major miscalculation on his part and the part of his handlers.

  8. jiga

    omg are you serious? She was done before this downfall? Remember that Hideous las vegas concert? We were laughing so hard..you guys make it sound like she was madonna or something but she was basically the debbie gibson of our day.. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!! NEXT!!!

  9. me

    They should leave Marvin Gaye alone. I was mad when she ripped Bobby Brown

  10. hmweis1

    What’s that noise? Oh yeah, Justin flushing his career down the toilet. And just to echo everyone else….Britney can’t, nor could she ever, carry a tune.

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