Justin Guarini Did Not Sleep With Paula Abdul

Thank goodness that’s settled. Justin Guarini, the forgotten American Idol contestant, shows that he too can be an scandal opportunist. He’s speaking out on behalf of Paula Abdul.

“Paula Abdul and I have never shared any type of a romantic relationship,” Guarini tells ET. “I have, and always will, treasure her support on both a personal and professional level in this crazy business we are both a part of. She is truly an icon of the music business and I will continue to appreciate, respect and take to heart all the encouragement she has shown me over the past several years.”

Who would have thought that these comments would have sent the gays into a tizzy. The boys at DataLounge are all over this one.

Wow, AI Producers are scrambling for damage control due to skanky Paula Abdul’s misjudgement and yucky Corey’s self serving promotion. At least that boozed up freak showed some restraint. If you believe Justin.

So what you’re sayin’ Justin dear, is that even Paula could see you’re queer and wouldn’t waste the time on ya, eh? Just askin…

When I first saw this post, I thought someone was kidding. It’s like Liberace saying he never had a romantic relationship with Pearl Bailey. Duh.

How do you really feel boys?

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