Justin Denies Responsibility For Britney-Focused “Dick in a Box” Re-Mix

January 22nd, 2007 // 5 Comments


Justin Timberlake has distanced himself from an internet video setting his “Saturday Night Live” sketch “Dick in a Box” to images of ex-girlfriend Britney Spears drunk. The singer insists he had nothing to do with the altered version of his American TV parody last December (06), in which he hilariously poked fun at boy band sex ballads. The new video was one of the most viewed clips on file sharing website YouTube.com last month, but Timberlake fears it’s beyond a joke. He says, “I had nothing to do with that. I haven’t seen it and I haven’t spoken to Britney about it. I think it’s gone a little too far.”

Oh, you mean he doesn’t spend his time obsessing about that hot girl turned scary mess he was with? And making YouTube videos to get back at her? Is he really busy or something? The only time he’s thinking about her is when he sees her currently beastly ass in the press and thinks, whew, bullet dodged.

Justin Timberlake Has Nothing to do With Britney-Bashing Vid [Contact Music]


By J. Harvey

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    I think he pities her, in between snorts and cackles. Yes, he dodged a disgusting mess, he must cringe when he sees her snapper hanging out for the world to see. ew.

  2. Justin Timberlake is a fricking pussy, because he always makes trouble, and then when he gets pulled up on it it’s deny deny deny.
    Lets see – Cry me a River clip…Nipplegate…making fun of Prince…now this.
    I think, if you’re going to be a goddamn smart-ass, stand by it.

  3. Virenda

    When did you get so funny? I used to come hear ages ago, and just recently started coming back.
    Good job on the funny.

  4. Scathing.

    Love it.

  5. They should rename the sketch “Justin Timberlake in a Box” and it would make no difference.

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