Justin Bringing Sexy Back to Europe

With his new album flying off shelves as well as his “he’s-not-gay-he’s-just-European” vibe, it seems a logical choice to have Justin Timberlake hosting the MTV Europe Music Awards. From FemaleFirst.co.uk:

The ‘SexyBack’ singer will also perform live at the prestigious ceremony, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nelly Furtado and British band Muse. Justin said:

“I’m really excited to be hosting. I’m working on several ideas with MTV at the moment and there are some great new interactive parts to the show. We’re going to take over the city. It’s going to be an amazing night. Anything can happen and no one is safe!”

Despite his utterly idiotic comments questioning the addictive properties of heroin, I have to grudgingly admit to “takin’ it to the bridge” pretty much every chance I can get. I just hope he sticks to his strengths of singing and dancing and leaves the talking to the grown-ups.

Justin Timberlake to host MTV Europe Music Awards [Female First]

Written by Lisa Timmons

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