Justin Bieber Wants To Be In ‘Grease’

You should have seen this one coming.

Alright, this actually isn’t so crazy.  People have been talking about a Grease remake forever.  Justin Bieber, looking unnecessarily chipper in these pictures of him in NYC yesterday, is one of many people who have talked about wanting to be in it.  Whether any such movie will be made is anyone’s guess.

Obviously, the Bieb would play Danny (I’m assuming this will be after his voice changes and can grow respectable side burns) and he thinks that Miley Cyrus, seen here earlier today in NYC with about 1000 pounds of slap on her face – note to Miley: people wear makeup to look younger, not like a Palm Springs retiree, should play the role of Sandy.

Ok, the logistics of this are clearly ridiculous.  Justin is a squeaky little nerd with almost no acting experience and Miley is a tarty hick who is about a foot taller than he is.

In the end, the kid was probably joking with the reporter anyway, making this an exercise in futility, but I needed another opportunity to dump on Justin Bieber anyway.  Because I’m jealous of his haircut.