Justin Bieber Punches A 12-Year-Old And Not Because He Had Better Hair

We all knew it was inevitable before pop’s newest princess…err…prince, Justin Bieber, would unleash the rath behind those delectable swoopy bangs of his.

Justin is under investigation by the Canadian 5-0 after reportedly hitting a 12-year-old boy during laser tag in Richmond, British Columbia on Friday afternoon. According to a staffer, the Biebs was “cornered by several kids and accidentally hit the kid while running away.”

And now I’m confused. Doesn’t the whole process of playing tag include being cornered? Justin was clearly protecting himself here people. And judging by the laser tag pictures, JB looked like he was innocently enjoying a nice afternoon with the boys.
(*Above defense sponsored by the Justin Bieber War Against Metal Heads Foundation)

With the Bieb’s tour schedule, doll collection and debut novel all in the works, this kid can push around whoever he wants. Older women are still gonna dig him, CSI is still gonna cast him and I’ll do my own pushing of 12-year-olds when I see him in concert at LA’s Staples Center!